3AM and Microsoft Demonstration
with San Bernadino Fire Department

Digital Marketing

In a remote area of California, Microsoft, 3AM Innovations, and others joined the San Bernardino County Fire Department in simulated wildland and structure fire exercises to experience technology-enabled situational awareness in challenging environments. Cadence 3 captured participants using Microsoft Surface devices and 3AM Innovation’s FLORIAN platform (enabled by Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services), during the demonstration to showcase how organizations can leverage Microsoft and partner solutions to transform the future for first responders.

  • 3K+ Views on YouTube

School Spirit

Digital Marketing

With the COVID-19 pandemic schools were facing increased costs as they moved to hybrid and remote learning, but also struggling to realize fundraising opportunities at the same level they had with in-person events. Cadence 3 worked in partnership with the Bellevue Schools Foundation to build a digital storytelling asset that highlighted their value, impact, and programs in a fun way to draw in digital viewers as well as in-person luncheon participants for their annual Spring for Schools fundraiser.

  • Viddy Award | $400K+ dollars raised

Hybrid Work Campaign

Digital Marketing

To drive partner sales opportunities, Cadence 3 partnered with Microsoft teams to develop a bill of materials to help partners position the future of work with services, devices, and software solutions for customers. To enable adoption and ease of use the assets were built in a format any partner could edit or modify without specialized software or design experience across a landing page, email template, infographic, and datasheet. The assets were designed to leverage the newest teams branding and launch on a four-week timeframe to hit key marketing milestones along with a video to promote the campaign across web and social.   

  • Supported 23 Partner Campaigns

Microsoft Ignite

Events & Experiences | Digital Marketing

Microsoft Surface

Cadence 3 supported Microsoft Surface and their presence at Ignite as a key beat immediately following their fall announcement.

Over two days we supported:

  • 3 keynotes
  • 8 on demand sessions
  • 20 in-person sessions and trainings
  • 4500 sq. foot exhibitor presence across 7 locations (Seattle flagship + 6 local in-person events WW).
  • 316K Reach WW

Ansys SKO Sponsorship Sales

Events & Experiences | Digital Marketing

When visionary companies need to know how their world-changing ideas will perform, they close the gap between design and reality with Ansys simulation. As part of their annual sales kickoff, Ansys sought to highlight solution partners through a sponsorship sales program. Cadence 3 worked with the Ansys partner and event team to build a sponsorship program from the ground up that delivered value for both attendees and participating partners.

  • YOY 3X Increase in Revenue & SAT Scores

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